FrozenCherry Hockey - Relaunch for 2022
Season 21, Day 1
I am writing this message on January 16th, 2022. As you can see, the simulator hasn't been generating games for quite a few years. To the few people who were interested, I'm sorry that it has taken so long to get the game running again. I have personally written e-mails to the few members who have signed up over the years, but sadly, I never received a reply.

I've never charged money for this. I've never asked for money. I've never added a payment system to the site. I've never even added a donation button.

The game originally ran from 1999-2000. It was a small group of between 10-20 members. We used to hang out on a messenger application and chat about the game, as well as other topics and common interests. It was like a group of friends getting together to play Dungeons and Dragons or Board Games and having a fun time. My hope was that I could recreate that in 2008 with Frozen Cherry but to my dismay, it was a different internet in 2008, and it is certainly a different internet as I write this in 2022.

So where do we go from here?

I have been redesigning the entire game from scratch. I've added over 80 different nationalities to the game world, including 76 national teams in the World Ice Hockey Association. I've added new teams to the leagues. The old player profiles have been redesigned and will now be an integral part of the experience. The user interface has been completely redesigned and modernized. The simulator has been rewritten and will be simulating games again soon. I have plans to redraw the player profile photos to make them look nice on modern screens, and revamp this news section.

...and for the first time, I will be accepting donations to support the continued development of the project. I am not a corporation, or a team of people. There is no "we", it is just me. I am a designer, an artist, a programmer, and a fan of Hockey. I have a vision of bringing the world of Frozen Cherry to life for a small group of internet friends who want to hang out and play a game together. The simulator should be ready to begin generating new games and statistics within the next month or two (February-March 2022). Certain changes to the site will be made to support the new simulator. The changes to the website's User Interface, including new features, will be uploaded as soon as there are enough people interested in testing it. Until then, I am working on it offline in my free time.

If you are interested in managing a team, please sign up and write to me through the contact page! Thank you for your interest and support! It really does make the work feel worthwhile to know that people appreciate it.

Ottawa Maples - Announcement
Season 9, Day 1
HI, I'm Dave the new GM of the Ottawa Maples

FrozenCherry Hockey - Happy New Year!
Season 9, Day 1
Happy New Year from FrozenCherry Hockey!

FrozenCherry Hockey - New Features
Season 9, Day 1
Player Nationalities! You may have noticed that team rosters now list a player's nationality next to his name, represented by that nation's flag. FrozenCherry Hockey is a completely fictional fantasy hockey simulation utilizing fictitious player names and teams. Therefore, care is always taken to create a plausible game world. For player nationalities, nations are represented in a way that recognizes the popularity of the sport of ice hockey in that country as well as other factors such as the country's population and the location of the league in which he will play. More on this below.
There are two new hockey leagues in the FrozenCherry hockey management game! The CPHL is a new North American fantasy hockey league with nine teams to start but rumors are that the league is looking to compete with the RPIHL for marketshare and is expected to add more teams in the seasons ahead. The CPHL is named after, and inspired by the creative imagination of artist Joseph Caylor. Almost all of the CPHL team logos are based upon his sketches and all of the CPHL teams were named by him.
Fantasy International Ice Hockey Begins! The World Ice Hockey Association (WIHA) will bring international fantasy hockey to FrozenCherry! 40 countries from around the world are currently represented with rosters that include players from the RPIHL, BMHL, SWHL and CPHL. Player skill is biased toward the countries in which ice hockey is most popular. Sweden will be tough to beat while South Korea is a good choice for a manager who is up for a challenege. Management of WIHA teams is currently granted by request only. If you are interested in managing a WIHL team in addition to your current team, please click on the "Home" tab and select the Email icon to contact me.
New 2 month format! Based on feedback, FrozenCherry will be switching to a format which plays each season in 2 months as opposed to the current 3 month format. 6 game seasons will pass each calendar year, allowing teams to evolve more quickly from a bottom of the barrel team to a cup winner while balancing retirements, entry drafts and wise trade decisions. Thank you for the feedback! Your continued support helps make FrozenCherry better every day.

Caylor Premier Hockey League - New League
Season 8, Day 84
The Caylor Premier Hockey League will begin play next season with teams in the Florence, Magnolia and Davis divisions.

FrozenCherry Hockey - New Features
Season 7, Day 33
I'm very excited to announce the latest new feature to the FrozenCherry Fantasy Hockey Simulation Game... Player Statistics History Profiles! But that's not all! Player photos are back!
Player Statistics History can be accessed by simply clicking on the player's name as it appears in any team's Roster Page or Stats page. You may also click on the player's name on the League Stats page for Skaters or Goalies. This Statistics History is complete and accurate from Season 1 through to our current Season 7. This information is valuable in determining the optimum line setup for your team. The Line Editor can be accessed, among other management tools, from your team page after logging in.
Player Photos are back! They can be viewed in the Player Statistics History Profile upon clicking on a player's name as described above. I am currently adding more variety to the images for a wide range of facial expressions, skin tones, hair colors, eye colors and hair styles so think of this as a taste of what is to come. I would also like to thank all the members that have used the new Press Release Feature! Looks like a rivalry is brewing in the Southeast Division of the RPIHL!

FrozenCherry Hockey - New Feature
Season 7, Day 12
Teams can now post press releases! Log in and click the newspaper icon on your team page to access this new feature.

FrozenCherry Hockey - New Features
Season 5, Day 33
FrozenCherry Hockey is happy to announce the new Line Editor! Please sign in and open your team page to utilize this important tool. The icon looks like a puzzle piece. If you have forgotten your password, please contact James Romeo from the FrozenCherry main page so that your password can be reset!
A good line setup is vital to success in FrozenCherry Fantasy Hockey. In the simulation's first season, the Minneapolis Head Hunters were claimed by a new member toward the end of a horrible season. The member edited the lines for the team and with the new line combinations, was able to bring the team to the playoffs. Not only that, his team was also able to win the cup! The member attributed his success to his thoughtful line setup.
FrozenCherry Hockey is a fantasy hockey simulation that is designed to operate in an automated fashion for teams which are unclaimed or that are claimed by inactive members. Inactivity will result in account suspension for that member but by design, FrozenCherry Fantasy Hockey will continue all team operations by automation if there is no user input. Line setup will simply default to a computer generated configuration at the beginning of each season if you, as a member, do not edit your lines. Think of it as your Assistant General Manager lending a hand.

FrozenCherry Hockey - New Features
Season 4, Day 18
FrozenCherry Hockey has two important new features to announce. The first is a new Team Strategy selection that you can access on your team page after logging in. It allows you to choose a mild or aggressive strategy in a defensive or offensive direction. For balanced play, you may choose a neutral strategy as well. You may choose a new strategy against each opponent or leave it on your favorite strategy all season. The choice is yours!
The second new feature is Goalie Rotation due to Fatigue. In a league with an intense schedule, such as the RPIHL, goaltenders will become tired after playing ten or more days without rest. In a league with an easy schedule, such as the BMHL or SWHL, a goalie can play indefinitely. As a team's goaltender becomes fatigued, the backup goalie will relieve the primary goalie for 5-10 days until the primary goalie is fresh again.

FrozenCherry Hockey - FrozenCherry Hockey Membership Opens
Season 3, Day 53
FrozenCherry Hockey is now accepting new memberships! Please take a few moments to click the Sign Up link at the top of this page and register for a free membership!
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