Welcome to! My name is James Romeo. I am a Digital Artist and I currently live in Atlanta, GA. This site is home to the FrozenCherry Hockey Team Management Game. I have been able to develop the project in my free time with support from my good friends, family and fans. Thank you Mom, David, Kevin, Bruce, Matt, Linda, Brian, Jeff and the many others who have touched my life and this project along the way.

The vision for the FrozenCherry Hockey Team Management Game came to me in August of 1999. At that time, I had been searching the web for a fantasy hockey league that was based on fictional teams and fictional players that would develop within a fictitious world. I found a roleplaying fantasy hockey league which was a lot of fun but I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. That is when I decided to design my own fantasy hockey game.

I thought about the way I wanted to play this game from a hockey fan and game player's perspective. Accessible through the web from any computer, automatic updates, rosters that evolve season after season and simple statistics that really make a difference. I didn't want playing this game to become a full time job. I envisioned it as a lunch break league you can check up on once a day or once a week and always get a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction from it.

In 2000, I had created a working version with a set of core features which are still a part of the current design. After operation for 8 months and an active membership of a great group of hockey fans, the league was regretfully taken offline. I pursued a college education over the years that followed. The project took a back seat because it was difficult to find free time between school and work. I can say that the time I found to work on the hockey game has always been personally rewarding and that has kept the project alive.

Everything from the database structure to the way games are simulated has been redesigned or refined from the original concept. The interface and graphics are new. There are more leagues and more teams to choose from. Almost every aspect of the game is automated to ensure that the league is always moving forward and stays updated daily. The game, as it is today, has been the result of passion and perseverance so that hockey fans from around the world will be able to share our love for the game in a fun and spirited world of fiction and fantasy.

Thank you once again for visiting Feel free to join the action! I hope to see you in the game!

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